This Multiswitch unit connects to a Quattro or Wideband LNBs and offers a terrestrial input port to connect a terrestrial antenna and enable the distribution of satellite TV as well as DTT/DAB broadcasts at MDU/IRS installations.

A manual switch selects whether the satellite inputs connect to a Quattro LNB or up to two Wideband LNBs for receiving up to two full satellite broadcasts. The loop-through trunk ports can be connected to cascade additional Multiswitch units.

The DC-input port of the Multiswitch unit powers the trunk lines which power the connected LNB and the built-in Terrestrial amplifier of the unit and of any other cascaded units. The Trunk power LED will turn green when the Trunk lines are powered.

The output ports are powered by the connected STBs enabling super low power consumption from the trunk lines and powering as many cascaded switches as possible using a single power supply unit. If a connected STB is not able to power its respective port, a power inserter can be utilized.

Each of the eight STB output ports is compatible with either Sky Q, Sky+ HD or Sky+ STB models, delivers 16 User Bands and features a Port status LED indicating its operational mode:

- Solid green = Legacy mode (e.g. Sky+ STB).
- Blinking green = dSCR or SatCR mode (e.g. Sky Q or Sky+ HD STBs).
- Off = no voltage detected on the port (only terrestrial signal available on the port)

All the eight STB output ports combine a unity-gain equalized Terrestrial input signal.

Optional accessories (sold separately):
5958 Unicable II® Power Inserter, 5-2400MHz IDLU-PINS03-OOOOO-OBT
5638 19W Power Supply adapter for Unicable II® / Unifiber (UK plug) IDLU-ADPT01-19WOO-UPM
5581 65W Power Supply adapter for Unicable II® multiswitches (EU plug) IDLU-ADPT04-19342-UPM


Typical single household installation

Typical MDU/IRS building installation with two Wideband LNBs receiving two satellites
If sky service is required to be distributed, it should be connected over the Sat A position

Technical specifications
Frequency range: satellite Quattro LNB: 950 MHz ~ 2150MHz
Wideband LNB: 290 MHz ~ 2350MHz
Frequency range: terrestrial VHF 174-230 MHz
UHF 470-790 MHz
Inputs 4x Satellite IF inputs:
From 1x Quattro LNB or From up to 2x Wideband LNBs
1 x DTT/DAB input from Terrestrial antenna
Outputs 4 Satellite IF + 1 TERR
8 x Sky dSCR (16 UBs) / SatCR / Legacy
auto-detect ports with combined Terrestrial

Input power range -34 dBm to -4 dBm (74 dBuV to 104 dBuV)
Output signal level (AGC) -25 dBm (83 dBμV) ±2dB

RF isolation: satellite/terretsrial (input) 30 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite/satellite (input) 30 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite ch/ch (UBs, output) 30 dB min.

Loop-through loss: satellite
4 dB max.
Loop-through loss: terrestrial 0 ±1 dB gain
Gain: Unicable II™ (dCSS) output (out of AGC) >25 dB
Gain: terrestrial signal 0 ~ 5 dB
Integrated phase noise 1.5 degrees max.

Control protocols Sky dSCR (Sky Q), SatCR (Sky+), Legacy 13 V/18 V + 0 kHz/22 kHz, DiSEqC1.x/DiSEqC2.0, EN50494/EN50607
Legacy port switching V/L => 13 V/0 kHz , V/H => 13 V/22 kHz
H/L => 18 V/0 kHz , H/H => 18 V/22 kHz
Input/Output impedance 75 Ω (F-type)
Input/Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
LNB power supply 500 mA max. @ 18 VDC
Power consumption Output port: 300mA (12 UBs) / 365mA (32UBs) max. @11-20V DC, (supplied by the connected STB)
DC in / trunk port: 100mA max. @18V DC (no LNB load)
Working temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C
IP protection IP54
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 21 cm x 14.6 cm x 3.7 cm
Weight 550 g

Unicable II™ (dCSS) port specifications
User band (channel) bandwidth 46 MHz
User band (channel) gain ripple 3 dB max.
User band (channel) frequencies Sky UK (dSCR) User Bands
CH3: 1680 MHz
CH9: 1280 MHz
CH11: 1380 MHz
CH14: 1480 MHz
CH15: 980 MHz
CH16: 1030 MHz
CH17: 1080 MHz
CH18: 1130 MHz
CH19: 1530 MHz
CH20: 1580 MHz
CH21: 1630 MHz
CH22: 1730 MHz
CH23: 1780 MHz
CH24: 1830 MHz
CH25: 1880 MHz
CH 26: 1930 MHz

EN50494/EN50607 User Bands
CH 1: 1210 MHz (EN 50494)
CH 2: 1420 MHz (EN 50494)
CH 3: 1680 MHz (EN 50494)
CH 4: 2040 MHz (EN 50494)
CH 5: 985 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 6: 1050 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 7: 1115 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 8: 1275 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 9: 1340 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 10: 1485 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 11: 1550 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 12: 1615 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 13: 1745 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 14: 1810 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 15: 1875 MHz (EN 50607)
CH 16: 1940 MHz (EN 50607)

* Unused ports need to be terminated by 75 Ohm DC-blocked terminators
Logistical info
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) 21.3 cm x 16.2 cm x 3.9 cm
Packaging weight 0.7 Kg
Quantity per carton 10
Carton dimensions (W x D x H) 34.4 cm x 22.8 cm x 21.8 cm
Carton weight 7 kg
Quantity per pallet 400

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