AUPEO! Personal Radio service now on Inverto's Volksbox
Luxembourg, February 11th, 2011 - Inverto Digital Labs, a pioneering designer and vendor of broadcast reception equipment and streaming appliances and AUPEO!, the innovative provider of Personal Radio service, have cooperated to integrate and offer as of today, AUPEO!’s Personal Radio Service on Inverto’s Volksbox products.

The Inverto web TV portal offers Volksbox owners simple and fast access to a multitude of news and entertainment content on the Internet. With AUPEO! Volksbox owners can now choose from more than 100 radio stations and create personalized music selections based on artist, mood and other personal preferences. AUPEO!’s advanced recommendation technology creates a personalized music profile for every user and recommends songs according to the user’s taste.
Alongside a free Basic service, AUPEO! offers an exclusive, ad-free, Premium service, for €4.95 per month or €49.95 per year. The Premium service includes unlimited access to all 100 AUPEO! Channels. As a special treat, AUPEO! offers a free 14 day trial of the Premium package to all Volksbox users.

”The AUPEO! music service is a real enrichment of the already-available services we offer on our web portal”, says Inverto's, Director of Products, Gil Laifer. “It shows our commitment to continuously introducing exiting new services for our customers and our fundamental belief in not just delivering a product but a whole new experience."
„AUPEO! enables listeners to get to know new music all the time. They have access to an almost unlimited range of songs“, underlines AUPEO! CEO Holger G. Weiss. “We are confident that Inverto with its advanced hybrid Volksbox receiver is a top-class partner in the connected CE-HTML-based product category.”
About Inverto Digital Labs:
Inverto Digital labs, is a leader in broadcast reception and streaming products and a major player in the Low Noise Blocks (LNB's). Inverto-branded products are synonymous with cutting-edge broadcast reception technology. Inverto serves tier-1 operators across EMEA and execute roadmaps on behalf of leading brands worldwide. Inverto drives customers' designs, validates their system, licenses respective technology, and supports implementation towards full commercialization. Inverto is an expert group in the broader sense of DVB systems with technical staff specializing across the various technologies from Antenna, Feed, RF design, through switching, tuning, and demodulation, to steaming software and hardware in confined, embedded environments. This unique trait allows for a truly holistic view on product and system design.  Inverto operates out of Luxembourg and is privately held. You can visit the company website at:
About AUPEO!:
Founded in 2008 in Berlin, AUPEO! is the leading provider of personalized audio streams for Internet capable hardware devices and offers radio stations that compile an individual music program for users and recommends songs to them. The recommendation technology is based on an algorithm from the Fraunhofer Institute, inventors of the MP3 format. AUPEO! works together with numerous manufacturers of Internet capable audio devices and can be found on the web at, as iPhone and Android apps, as well as being available on netbooks, connected TVs, nearly all web radio devices and many smartphones. Partners include Acer, ASUS, MINI, Philips and Loewe, among others.

AUPEO! serves the needs of music lovers for flexible and user-defined expandable music programs. The music industry sees the use of MP3 data and MP3 players steadily declining and that consumers are turning towards alternative music offerings. AUPEO! is leading this trend.

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