Pro Brand International to become strategic shareholder at FTA Communication Technologies, significantly enhancing product portfolio under the market leading INVERTO brand

Wecker, Luxembourg; Atlanta, GA, US – July 6, 2009

Pro Brand International (“Pro Brand”) and FTA Communication Technologies (“FTA Comm”) announced today the execution of a strategic engagement targeted at enhancing the products and services offered under the Inverto brand for the broadcast market, as well as under key Original Design Manufacturer ("ODM") engagements.
The two parties further announced that, as part of the partnership, Pro Brand has invested an undisclosed amount to become a strategic stockholder in FTA Comm.
"With the business and technological changes that mark the satellite broadcast industry today,
Inverto's sustained technological advantage in offering ODM's and Operators end-to-end solutions will be significantly enhanced with the backing of one of North America's preeminent technology experts in the area of satellite reception", stated Eli Bloch, President of FTA Comm. He added, "This engagement is an intimate match of capabilities and business objectives that will deliver substantially greater benefits and competitive advantage to our customers".
"As we invest in FTA Comm through this partnership and enhance their technology footprint, we are excited about expanding beyond our Americas base to the EMEA markets. Our experience with Tier-1 operators in the Americas and the synergies between our parties, will ensure that we are able to deliver our innovative products and solutions to this geographic region by the end of this year", commented Philip Shou, CEO of Pro Brand.
The parties foresee broad cooperation across their product groups and customer bases, as well as the expansion of joint project and R&D work. Additionally, FTA Comm and Pro Brand nourish intimate, common manufacturing relationships and will further seek to deepen these supply chain synergies.
Pro Brand's industry leading capabilities in bringing to market multi-feed and multi-band designs in North America will now enable the roll out of cutting edge Radio Frequency (“RF”) solutions and reception systems in Europe as the region rapidly transitions to Digital Broadcast and HDTV.
About FTA Communication Technologies
FTA Comm is a leader in broadcast reception and streaming products and a major player in Low Noise Blocks (LNB's). The Company’s Inverto-branded products are synonymous with cutting-edge broadcast reception technology. FTA Comm stands for innovative, quality products that are conceived with intimate understanding of the services they are used for.
The Company serves tier-1 operators across EMEA and executes roadmaps on behalf of leading brands worldwide. The Company is an expert group in the broader sense of DVB systems; technical staff’s specialization spans across the various technologies from Antenna, Feed, RF design, through switching, tuning, and demodulation, to streaming software and hardware in confined, embedded environments. Throughout the years, the FTA Comm/Inverto team has led key technological transitions and worked closely with the industry to enable successful deployment across its focus markets.
FTA Comm operates out of Luxembourg and is privately held.
About Pro Brand International (“Pro Brand”)
Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, Pro Brand is a leading designer and developer of advanced antenna and RF systems for the satellite sector, primarily serving DBS providers. Pro Brand serves the leading North American DBS operators, and has extensive expertise in related verticals such as Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs). Through its in-house engineering design team combined with advanced R&D labs, state-of-the-art feed range and other antenna testing facilities, Pro Brand offers a complete end-to-end solution. The Company’s state of the art manufacturing facility in China enables Pro Brand to participate in the entire product development and commercialization lifecycle starting from joint development of new product ideas and specs through initial mock-ups to volume production and distribution. Pro Brand considers itself an outsourced R&D partner for the design and development of complete antenna systems (receptor (dish) design, Low Noise Block Converters, electronics, circuitry, software and software integration services, RF-related design and equipment, installation accessories etc.) that are critical to the success of its customers.
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