The airscreen Live PRO offers the most cost-effective live streaming and fast generic file transfer solution over one-way broadcast networks such as Satellite DTH, Cable TV or Terrestrial.

The airscreen Live PRO solution consists of an mABR broadcast server and gateway receivers featuring open-standard interfaces for simple and quick integration with content management servers and end-user applications of the customer’s choice. Content transmitted via airscreen Live PRO – ABR live video streams or any type of files - is received by the gateways and is made available to the end-users over its integrated web server. Client devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs connect to the airscreen Live PRO gateways over Wi-Fi and can access the content through a web browser without having to download or install any special software.

The airscreen Live PRO Server and Gateways can be delivered as fully integrated standalone devices, however, their REST-based interfaces and compact code footprint allow the airscreen Live PRO Server and Gateway software to be integrated into existing on-site or cloud-based broadcast servers and receiver hardware of customer choice too.
Based on novel networking architecture and algorithms, airscreen Live PRO provides seamless streaming over multiple types of networks and ubiquitous coverage with guaranteed QoS allowing customers to access any type of content in super-fast speeds with no dependency on broadband connections and is therefore an ideal solution for supplying content services such as e-Education, entertainment or digital signage to rural locations or places with no internet connectivity.
Additional applications:
  • Online education and distant learning applications
  • Multi-network video services OTT/Broadcast/IPTV
  • Video delivery to public locations eg bars, campuses
  • Digital signage
  • Smart cities video services
  • Telemedicine and medical video streaming
The following diagram describes the system architecture for online education projects

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