Conceived to address the unique needs of hotels, schools, hospitals and MDUs, airScreen tality offers the flexibility, reliability and features required to deploy a secure CATV and/or IPTV solution simply, quickly and at an affordable budget.

Compact & Powerful
The convenient 1 RU package can host up to 6 hot-swappable modules to address the full range of functionalities required to deliver video over coax or IP networks including receiving, de-scrambling, encoding, multiplexing, re-scrambling and modulating a transport stream over QAM, OFDM or IP.

Reliable & Energy efficient
airScreen tality boasts a compact form factor and an energy efficient system design. A built-in service level monitoring and with the optional dual power supply guarantee a non-stop 24/7 operation. Consequently, airScreen tality is an environmental, reliable and space saving design to keep your OPEX low for years to come.

Product Features:

  • 1 RU with up to 6 functional modules
  • Service level multiplexing
  • SI/PSI analysis and regeneration
  • Web-based configuration
  • FCC and UL approved
  • Up to 24 receive frequencies
  • Up to 24 channels HD encoding (via HDMI in inputs)
  • Up to 48 channels SD encoding (via CVBS inputs)
  • Up to 48 modulated frequency outputs
  • Optional 8 Ch modulation module at front panel
Reliability Features:

  • Hot-swappable modules
  • Service level monitoring
  • Dual redundant power supply (optional)
  • Low power consumption and high reliability
  • MTBF ≥≥100,000 hours

airScreen tality 1RU

The airScreen tality 1 RU is a perfect choice for smaller scale MATV/CATV/IPTV deployments requiring secure, low power, cost-effective and reliable distribution of video with a simple and easy to use centralized management.

airScreen tality 1 RU can receive signals from several sources as depicted above, descramble encrypted programs utilizing CI CAMs, multiplex them into new transport streams and output as QAM/OFDM modulated signals or IPTV streaming (TS over IP) over its built-in GbE interface. Utilizing a unique CAS implementation based on XCrypt’s CI-based CAMCAS solution, the programs can be re-encrypted on real-time basis and delivered to the rooms with an end-to-end studio-grade security.

CAMCAS encrypted programs can be decoded by a common XCrypt-embedded STB or with a CI+ XCrypt CAM inserted in the TV set. Deployments over IP networks require the STB or TV set to provide an IP interface.

Free-to-view non-encrypted programs can be streamed over IP (UDP/RTP) to users’ PC or mobile devices using supporting player applications.

airScreen tality 1 RU supports redundant power supply and is delivered in a compact 1 RU chassis, saving space and operating costs.

6 hot-swappable slot
Service level multiplexing
4 x Gigabit RJ45 (embedded):
   Max. 120 inputs and 120 outputs
Optional (either):
   Dual redundant power supplies, or
   8-Ch modulation module at front

Physical & Environment
Input Voltage 100 VAC ~ 240 VAC
Power 120 W
Chassis dimension (W x H x D) (120 x 177 x 345) mm, 1 RU
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage temperature -10°C ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity <95%
MTBF ≥100,000 h

Detailed information about this product and the available modules can be found in the PDF file for download.

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